2017 Bills

State Fire Tax (Senate Bill 9)
Eliminates the $152.33 fire prevention fee levied by the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection on habitable structures that are located within State Responsibility Areas. 

BOE Late Payment Glitch (Senate Bill 11)
Prohibits the assessment of interest and penalties against any person for failing to make a timely payment of his/her business tax or fee obligations if the failure was due to the failure of the State Board of Equalization’s (BOE) Internet website.

Business Manufacturing Exemption (Senate Bill 13)
Expands the state’s partial manufacturing and research exemption to include qualified persons who conduct agricultural business activities.

Fallen Leaf Lake (Senate Bill 561)
Permits Fallen Leaf community property owners to vote in special elections that bear on the operations of the Fallen Leaf Lake Community Services District and its fire department.

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