2016 Bills

Dependent Tax Credit (Senate Bill 371)
Increases the take home pay of working families by increasing the yearly dependent tax credit to $422 per dependent, from $337.

Drones And Emergency Situations (Senate Bill 807)
Grants civil immunity to any emergency responder who damages a drone in the course of firefighting, air ambulance, or search-and-rescue operations.

Marriage By Sheriffs (Senate Bill 875)
Allows county sheriffs to perform marriage ceremonies.

Hunting Equipment Tax-Free Weekends (Senate Bill 890)
Exempts hunting equipment from sales and use tax during two weekends a year – a weekend preceding the beginning of deer season and a weekend preceding the beginning of waterfowl season.

Standard Deduction (Senate Bill 891)
Raises the standard deduction amounts for Personal Income Tax by 25-percent for the 2016 tax year. After that one-time increase, the standard deduction would continue to be indexed for inflation, per current law.

Bear Lake Reservior (Senate Bill 930)
Reinstates the exemption for Bear Lake Reservoir that was put in place by SB 14 (Gaines) of 2013.  The exemption allows Lake Alpine Water Company to continue their filtration and use of the lake for drinking water while the reservoir is also used for recreational activities.

State Fire Tax (Senate Bill 1136 - Morrell)
Increases transparency regarding the expenditure of Fire Prevention Fee revenues by requiring CalFire to provide more specific details regarding those expenditures. Also extends the time frame through which CalFire is required to submit the annual report to January 31, 2021 from the current January 31, 2017.

School Supplies Tax-Free Weekend (Senate Bill 1210)
Exempts school supplies such as backpacks, clothing, shoes, computers and educational software from state sales and use tax during a weekend preceding the start of school.

Classic Car Exemption (Senate Bill 1239)
Exempts collector vehicles manufactured prior to the 1981 model year from the biennial smog-check inspections.

State Fire Tax (Senate Bill 1347 - Nielsen)
Caps the amount of State Responsibility Area fire fee revenues that can be used for administrative purposes at 5 percent. Extends the time frame through which CalFire is required to submit the annual report to January 31, 2022. The current expiration is January 31, 2017.

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