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June 1, 2016
In This Issue: Anti-Gun Legislation | Memorial Day Rememberance | Change Of Command Ceremony | Governor’s Revised Budget | 55th Annual California Prayer Breakfast | Amgen Tour Of California | New Committee Assignment | Colfax Elementary School | Bill To Keep Drones Out Of Emergency Zones Passes The Senate | Newcastle Celebration Day | ‘Tis The Season For County Fairs | Redding Rodeo Fun
May 2, 2016
IN THIS ISSUE: Bills To Provide Californians Tax Relief | Honoring Heroes | Tax Day Comes Twice For Californians | The Eternity Challenge | High Speed Fail | Classic Car Collector Bill Passes Committee | Kool April Nights | Wildfire Awareness Week | Prepare Now Using “Ready. Set. Go.” | Meeting With The Realtors
April 4, 2016
IN THIS ISSUE: Take My Tax Survey! | High Speed Rail Oversight Hearing | Helping Our Troops | Opposition To Minimum Wage Increase | April Tax Deadline Is Upon Us! | Celebrating Students | Remembering CHP Officer Nathan Taylor | VoxPro Grand Opening | Follow Me!