2018 Bills

Fallen Leaf Lake (Senate Bill 561)  
Permits Fallen Leaf community property owners to vote in special elections that bear on the operations of the Fallen Leaf Lake Community Services District and its fire department.

Police Dog Protection Act of 2018 (Senate Bill 911)
Makes it a mandatory felony for intentionally killing or inflicting serious injury to a police dog or police horse in the line of duty.

Standard Deduction Increase (Senate Bill 995)
Increases the standard deduction for California personal income tax filers by $1,500 for single filers and $3,000 for joint filers.

Corporate Income Tax Rate Cut (Senate Bill 996)
Lowers California’s corporate income tax from 8.84 percent to 6.84 percent.

529 College Savings Plans (Senate Bill 1218)
Makes contributions to 529 College Savings Plans tax deductible in California, up to $20,000 per beneficiary per year.

Sanctuary State Repeal (Senate Bill 1219)
Eliminates California’s status as a “Sanctuary State” by removing data sharing restrictions between federal and local law enforcement jurisdictions.

Lethality Assessment to Protect Domestic Violence Victims (Senate Bill 1220)
Mandates that local law enforcement agencies develop “lethality assessments” to help protect domestic violence survivors from being re-victimized.

Preschool Protection Act (Senate Bill 1221)
Helps keep sex offenders off of preschool campuses by closing a loophole in sex offender management.

Budget Surplus Tax Rebate (Senate Bill 1231)
Refunds the state’s $6 billion 2018/19 budget year surplus to taxpayers by issuing tax rebate checks to all people who filed California income tax returns in 2016.

Veterans Vehicle License Plates (Senate Bill 1357)
Adds a word descriptor onto Veteran license plates to differentiate between actual veterans, and the public at large who wish to honor veterans.

Pickup Truck Weight Fee Exemption (Senate Bill 1450)
Exempts pickup trucks, not specifically registered as commercial vehicles, from mandated vehicle weight fees.

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