Senator Gaines' Bill to Help Taxpayers Passes Assembly

Thursday, August 16, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Senator Ted Gaines (R-El Dorado) announced his Senate Bill 1246, a bill that will streamline and modernize the process for expediting property tax refunds to California taxpayers, passed off the Assembly floor.

“I’m pleased to have the Assembly’s support on this important taxpayer protection bill,” said Senator Gaines. “SB 1246 is simple and fair, two elements of good governance that are too often missing in California. We must resolve any overpayment issues as efficiently and quickly as possible, and get taxpayers back what is rightfully theirs.”

Under current law, an outdated and archaic “refund claim form” is required to be mailed to a member of the public who is owed money due to an overpayment of taxes, penalties, assessments, interest or other costs associated with local taxes. The claim form must be signed and returned by the taxpayer before the county can issue a refund. 

SB 1246 will speed up the process to allow the county to simply pay the taxpayer what is owed when an overpayment or refund is discovered without the time-consuming paperwork required under current law.