Senator Gaines' Bill Recognizing Opioid Crisis Passes Senate

Thursday, April 26, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Senator Ted Gaines (R-El Dorado) today announced that Senate Concurrent Resolution 115, legislation that recognizes the impact that opioid-related deaths have had on California communities, passed out of the Senate.

“This resolution points to some grim conclusions about opioid abuse in my district and I know the sad story is the same in other parts of the state,” said Senator Gaines. “In Shasta County, for example, there are more opioid prescriptions issued every year than there are people. Opioid emergency room visits are shooting upwards and opioid overdoses claimed at least 16 lives in Shasta County in 2016.”

SCR 115 encourages the state to increase funding for support and other programs in rural areas facing the epidemic, and supports groups and organizations working in California to combat the epidemic.

“Opioid abuse splinters families and degrades our communities. It is a tragedy to see healthy, productive people become slaves to their vice. Fighting against opioids is fighting for families and for a better future for our entire state,” said Senator Gaines.

For more information on California’s Narcotic Treatment Programs, which provides opioid medication assisted treatment, detoxification and/or maintenance treatment services, which include medical evaluations and rehabilitative services, visit