Senator Gaines Issues Statement On Governor's Budget Revise

Friday, May 11, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Senator Ted Gaines (R-El Dorado) today issued the following statement regarding Governor Brown’s revised 2018-19 state budget proposal:

“California taxpayers can barely make ends meet but Governor Brown says the state is sitting on a $8.8 billion budget surplus? That is $8.8 billion of the people’s money and keeping it is one step above robbery. The Governor needs to refund it before he wastes it on his grand-champion money-wasting High Speed Rail vanity project.

“This so-called surplus is simply evidence that legislative Democrats have overtaxed Californians. Taxes are driving working-class people out of the state. Taxes are driving small businesses out of the state. Taxes keep fixed-income seniors teetering on the edge of poverty. We need to send any extra funds right back to taxpayer pocketbooks. It’s their money and they overpaid, so it’s our obligation to return it.

“He should have followed the 3-step Gaines’ Taxpayer Protection Plan while in office:

  • Refund all surpluses to taxpayers
  • Kill the High Speed Rail
  • Lower taxes immediately following any year with a surplus.

“This is Governor Brown’s last budget and thankfully so. He’s spent 8 years talking about fiscal discipline and prudence while supporting new taxes, fees and spending at every turn. He’s leaving behind a legacy of poverty, massive homelessness, and if he keeps this surplus, theft.”

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