Senator Gaines' "Sanctuary State" Repeal Fails In Committee

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Senator Ted Gaines (R-El Dorado) today announced his Senate Bill 1219, which would have eliminated California’s status as a “sanctuary state,” failed to pass out of the Senate Committee on Public Safety.

“I’m extremely disappointed the Committee members chose to neglect our state’s number one duty, which is to protect the safety of the citizens who reside here legally,” said Senator Gaines. “Unfortunately, current laws have allowed the protection and harboring of illegal, criminal immigrants. Liberal Democrats have made a mockery of the rule of law. They have attacked the very foundations of the country. If we don’t control our borders, we cease to be a nation.”

Senate Bill 1219 would have eliminated California’s status as a “sanctuary state” by removing data sharing restrictions between federal and local law enforcement jurisdictions.

Currently, California restricts data sharing between federal and local law enforcement agencies to shield illegal alien criminals from deportation, flouting federal law and endangering California citizens and law enforcement. Repealing the data sharing restrictions placed on California law enforcement agencies would have allowed them to provide the federal Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) the information they need to detain and deport illegal alien criminals.

Former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness, who testified in support of the bill, said, “Senator Gaines’ bill would have provided much-needed clarity to California law enforcement, who are currently torn between conflicting state and federal regulations. It’s an impossible spot to be in and it undermines public safety efforts around the state.”