Senator Gaines Slams State Water Board's Decision To Extend Drought Regulations

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Senator Ted Gaines (R-El Dorado) today reacted to the California State Water Resources Control Board’s decision to extend the state’s emergency drought regulations. By voting to extend the regulations, urban water districts will be subject to an additional 270 days of consumption reports, “stress tests,” and water-use cuts.

“This decision is blind to the plain fact seen on every mountain, river and reservoir in the north state. We are flush with water, and they know that, but this lays bare their “permanent drought” plan that will let them limit and control water use forever to meet their environmentalist agenda.

“There has been so much talk about “sanctuary cities” and “sanctuary states” lately, all relating to immigration. But now I’m convinced that California citizens need a sanctuary from unelected bureaucrats who won’t call off the drought when people are all but having to canoe to work because of the rain.

“The state needs to waive every rule, expend every dollar it has to get Sites Reservoir built and complete other surface storage projects so we can bank more of this water instead of letting it run out into the sea. Even a Sacramento bureaucrat with an agenda couldn’t fail to see the drought is over if we have more reservoirs filled to the brim.”